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What is aCheck?

aCheck is a document verification service. It's used as alongside other checks to establish if documents present as expected.
Users send original data to our secure API. We create a unique QR code and an accompanying web page. Users include the QR code alongside the original data in their document design. When the QR code is scanned, an accompanying web page is displayed. A comparison can rapidly be made between the document and webpage highlighting data differences.
IMPORTANT aCheck does not offer absolute certainty of document originality.
The aCheck process


  • Fully automated service, built to integrate with existing document creation processes
  • Scan QR codes with any web-connected smart device
  • Pass QR codes to your own webhook
  • Unlimited schemas. A schema is the aCheck settings for a document
  • QR code expiry date or 'valid-for' period
  • Manual QR code creation

Use cases

  • Competency test certificate
  • Technical drawing
  • Covid-19 test report
  • Qualification certificate
  • Work permits
  • Event ticket
  • Product verification
  • Asset management
  • Visitor id verification
  • Premises hygiene certification
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